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07/04/38 · Just some drive bys! Like, Comment, and Subscribe: Filmed in Mexico v3 accessport turbo inlet cobb 3 port boost solenoid perrin lightweight crank pulley led interior lights 5hp lol Perrin 1. 03/04/33 · Catted Downpipe vs. Catless Downpipe Factory 2.5L Turbo Powertrain EJ Series Factory 2.5L Turbo Catted Downpipe vs. Catless Downpipe - NASIOC Welcome to the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club. 19/04/34 · i had a catted dp on my old wrx and still have gotten exhaust tickets in NJ.i would chose a more quiet catback for NJ. you will get a minimal gain from a catless dp, an odor which some ppl like, some ppl hate, and a little bit of a higher pitched sound. since your staying at stage 2, if you can afford it go with the catted.

23/07/38 · So just wanna see what everyone thinks. I've had my 11' wrx stage 2 for about a year now, pro tuned back in July. Wondering if it would be dumb of me if I replaced my catted aftermarket downpipe with a nice new invidia catless. 21/03/25 · It also varies because some downpipes use one high flow cat, while others are catless and actually extend far enough back to eliminate the 3rd cat as well. I have an 06/07 WRX, is the downpipe the same? No. The 06/07 WRX has a unique exhaust in that it's downpipe is both the downpipe and catpipe sections of the "older" exhaust. A rear gasket, nuts and bolts are included. The turbo-to-downpipe gasket is not included. Fits all US-market 2002-2007 WRX and WRX STi, and Forester XT 2003-2008. Does NOT fit Japan-market twin-scroll turbo cars. Please read our FAQ page on catalytic converters before purchasing this part. 16/10/35 · Catless or Catted Downpipe I'm looking to buy a invidia downpipe for my 2004 wrx but don't know if it should buy a Catted or catless one. I won't have a problem getting an inspection sticker with catless so that wouldn't be a problem. 08/11/33 · 2010 WRX Boost Creep Catless Downpipe Ok so I want to know from someone who has actually put a catless downpipe on a 2010 WRX if they saw boost creep or not? The 2009 has a different ECU and different AP Stage 2 maps so that won't be the same.

This very nice downpipe from Invidia features a CAST divorced-wastegate collector. It features a divider to separate the wastegate passage from the main exhaust passage to reduce turbulence at the turbo. This is the catless version of this downpipe, intended for race or other non-road use. The downpipe. The Invidia Catless Downpipe w/ 2 Bungs Manual is in stock and on sale for your Subaru WRX at Subimods. Free Shipping on orders over $250. 10/04/35 · The reason we have CATs at all is to limit the SMOG that burning petroleum based fuel causes. the catalytic converter is a platinum based honeycomb that bonds to un-burned fuel and burns them in the heat of the exhaust path. a CAT-less downpipe simply removes that honeycomb thereby allowing exhaust gasses to move more freely to the CAT-back system. the lower overall air resistance.

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